George M. Sullivan Plant 2a

Plant 2A is one of the most energy-efficient thermal generation plants in the world. Expansion of the 1970's vintage George M. Sullivan Plant 2 uses GE LM6000 combustion turbine technology and produce 120 megawatts in a 2x1 combined-cycle configuration.

Because the plant is collocated with the city's water supply, ML&P can achieve additional efficiencies. The collocation has other benefits to the community, including reduced system maintenance costs due to water pipe freeze-ups and significantly reduced emissions.

Plant 2A generation replacement project at a glance

  • 120 megawatt, 2x1 combined-cycle, natural-gas-fired power generation
  • Two GE LM6000 PF Combustion Turbine Generators (aero-derivative—or jet engine—turbines) & one steam unit
  • Total project cost is $314 million. Of the total project cost, over $275 million was competitively bid, with the remainder comprised primarily of internal costs
  • Daily workforce during peak construction: 300 contractor personnel
  • Fewer emissions compared to legacy plants
    • 97 percent less nitrogen oxides
    • 80 percent less carbon monoxide
    • about 30 percent less carbon dioxide
  • More fuel efficient
    • Fuel cost reductions associated with Plant 2A’s more efficient units are estimated at $8.4 million annually, based on 2017 fuel consumption and prices.
    • 20-30 percent more efficient than ML&P’s older generation units.
  • Engineering, procurement & construction services provided by Quanta Power Generation

Improved Reliability

ML&P’s investment in Plant 2A replaces aging equipment, including four older thermal units that have met or exceeded their 35-year design life. Older units are less reliable and have become increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. Modernizing infrastructure means lower maintenance costs and fewer outages, ensuring the lights stay on for our customers.