Payment Options

Pay My Bill

There are 12 billing cycles a year. The length of an average billing cycle is 30 days, but this will vary depending on holidays, weekends and weather conditions. Your electric bill is due when rendered and will be considered past due if not paid within 25 days of the billing date and delinquent if not paid within 40 days.

For your convenience, a self-addressed envelope is provided with each billing statement. Simply enclose the return portion of your statement with your check or money order. Please pay your bill by the due date printed on the front. This date does not extend the date that any previous balance was due. To maintain satisfactory credit, there can be no more than two past due payments in any 12-month period. Click here for information on a deferred payment agreement and how to fill out a financial hardship statement.

Online Payment

Login to your customer account to make an online payment.

Payment Options


With electronic billing, you will receive a monthly email notification that your bill is ready for viewing and payment. The email will include a link that connects you directly to our website and your online account. You can then pay your bill online, or use another payment method of your choice. Sign up for a free ebilling account and receive $5 off your next bill.

Online Portal

Pay your bill online through ML&P's secure Customer Service Portal. You must enter your account number or user ID and password to access information on this site. Your account number is printed on your bill. If your account number includes a '-', it should be removed. For example, if the account number on your bill is 12345-01, you should enter either 12345 or 1234501 in the account number field. Passwords are case sensitive. If this is your first visit to this site, you will be asked to change your assigned password to one that is more meaningful to you.

Login to your customer account to make an online payment.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Web App

View your bill, sign up for alerts and reminders, view your payment history, pay your bill and more with our Mobile Apps and Mobile Web App. Our Mobile Apps are native Apps (iPhone/iPad and Android) that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device, while the Mobile Web App is a web portal that runs directly in the mobile browser on your smart phone or other mobile device. Both the native Apps and the Mobile Web App give you secure access to maintain your account information. The native Apps also allow you to register your accounts to receive push notifications for account milestones, such as an approaching or a missed due date. Push notifications are not available through the Mobile Web App.

By Credit Card

ML&P has arranged with Southeastern Data Cooperative, a third-party payment processor, to process credit-card payments for ML&P customers. ML&P will be able to accept credit card payments, by phone, through ML&P's website and at an SEDC internet kiosk located in the ML&P Customer Service lobby.

Customers who wish to make recurring payments by credit card, will need to make arrangements with a Customer Service representative in person or over the phone.

To pay automatically by credit card, call ML&P Customer Service at (907) 279-7671 or (907) 263-5340.


Every billing statement comes with a self-addressed envelope. Enclose the return portion with your check or money order to: Municipal Light & Power, P.O. Box 196094, Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6094.

In Person

The Customer Service Office at 1120 East 1st Ave., is open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri. Use the drive-by drop box any time. ML&P customers may also make their current bill payments at the following locations:

Anchorage Water & Wastewater
3000 Arctic Blvd., Customer Service Counter
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
Method of payments accepted - cash, check and debit card only
(907) 564-2700

Solid Waste Services
1111 East 56th Ave.
(Between the Old and New Seward Hwy. on E. 56th Ave.)
8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
Method of payments accepted - check and cash only
(907) 343-6250

City Hall, Treasury Office
632 W. 6th Ave., Suite 320
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
Method of payment accepted - check and cash only
(907) 343-6650

Credit Union 1: Mountain View Branch Drop Box
115 N. Bragaw St. Customers may use the drop box to make payments during normal business hours.
10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
10 a.m.- 5 p.m., Sat.
Method of payment accepted — check, money order, or cashier's check
(907) 339-9485


Third Party Notification

Third party notification is an option for you to designate a third party to receive notice of an impending disconnect initiated by ML&P.

Landlord Agreement

To ensure no loss of service between tenants and no connect fees, landlords can arrange to have the rental electric account transfer automatically to their name when the tenant requests a disconnect. Print, complete form and mail to: ML&P, 1200 East 1st Ave., Anchorage, Alaska 99501-1685 or fax to (907) 277-9272.
Landlord Agreement (PDF)
Cancel Landlord Agreement (PDF)

Financial Assistance

If you cannot pay your bill by the due date, please contact our Credit office at (907) 263-5200. ML&P will consider payment arrangements appropriate to individual circumstances. Possible sources of financial assistance for residential customers are available, including:

Budget Bill Plan

Under the plan you still pay for the actual amount of energy used, but the costs are spread evenly over a 12-month period. Budget billing is recommended for customers making automatic payments.

Heating Assistance Program

This program gives grants to eligible individuals and households to help with heating expenses between Nov. 1 and Apr. 30. Eligibility is based on a household's income during the prior calendar month. Call the State of Alaska Heating Assistance Program toll free at 1-800-470-3058 or visit their website.

Subsidized Rental Housing Utility Deposit

The Heating Assistance Program Subsidized Rental Housing Utility Deposit is a special grant that is available to households that need help with the initial utility or fuel deposit required to establish service in Section 8 or subsidized rental housing. Visit their website.

Permanent Fund Dividend Pledge

Provide proof of filing your Permanent Fund and you can assign all or part of this money to help pay your monthly bills. Call ML&P Credit at (907) 263-5200.