Non-Utility Power Generation

Non-Utility Power Generation Up to 5,000 kVA

Interconnection of non-utility generating equipment with ML&P's electric power system involves many complex technical and operational issues. Non-utility owned generators span a wide range of sizes and electrical characteristics, and electrical distribution system design varies from that required to serve the residential customer to that needed to serve the large commercial customer. With so many variations possible, it is very challenging to create an interconnection standard that fits all generation interconnection situations.

In establishing a non-utility generation interconnection standard, two important issues that must be addressed are safety and reliability.

The first and most important issue is safety of the general public and of ML&P's employees working on the electrical systems. ML&P standards establish the technical requirements that must be met to ensure safety. Typically, designing an interconnection system for safety will provide protection for the interconnected equipment.

The second issue is reliability; the non-utility generation system must be designed and interconnected in such a way that system reliability and service quality for all customers connected to ML&P's electric power system are not compromised.

ML&P is committed to maintaining quality of service and safety of the general public, customers and employees while facilitating interconnection of non-utility generation equipment where possible.