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RCA issues ruling on ML&P rate case, sets permanent rate and finds construction of Plant 2A to be prudent

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) recently approved Municipal Light & Power’s 2015 test year rate case and set the permanent rate increase of 37.32 percent for the Energy Charge (cost per kWh used). The permanent rate replaces the interim and refundable rate increase of 37.3 percent, which the RCA ordered in February 2017. ML&P filed the request for a permanent rate increase in December 2016 to pay for the utility’s investment in Plant 2A, which replaced aging equipment, including four units that exceeded their 35-year design lives.

ML&P announces decrease in COPA rate and 28% decrease in the average monthly bill due to Plant 2A

Municipal Light & Power’s 2018 second quarter filing with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska will decrease the Cost of Power Adjustment rate to $0.01024 per kWh, effective April 1, 2018 (including prior period adjustments). With this filing, ML&P’s COPA rate will be the lowest it has been since 2012. ML&P’s COPA rate has declined since 2017 due to fuel cost reductions associated with highly-efficient units at Plant 2A. This decrease has resulted in 28 percent savings or $36.25 on the overall monthly bill for the average ML&P residential customer consuming 550 kWh per month. (Calculation based on second quarter 2017 average ML&P residential customer bill and second quarter 2018 average ML&P residential customer bill.)