Plant 2A mural Cosmic Rise


Photo credit: Kevin Smith Photography

Photo credit: Kevin Smith Photography

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The mural is part of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Public Art program, 1% for Art in public spaces and was created using spray paint. The LED lighting component, which was installed in late September 2017, uses color and lighting theory to create an animated effect that changes dynamically from day to night.

The overall project cost is $429,000, of which $250,000 was for the commissioning of the artwork. Pursuant with the 1% for Art Ordinance, the total project cost is about 1% of the cost of the main administration building the mural is installed on. This cost is not included in rates passed on to customers.

The fabrication and installation was completed by the Silo Workshop painters (Lauren Youngsmith, Robin Munro, Conor Hollis, and Amorette Lana, also with Anna Charney). Haddad | Drugan is the artist team who designed the concept and described it this way:

The concept explores the interconnections of energy and light as revealed in the unique Alaskan environment. The images of the artwork express energy from a macro to micro level, moving from left to right. The sun, original source of all energy on earth, is prominent. Solar flares of red, yellow and orange extend from the sun through space and as they hit the earth’s magnetic field rendered in blue and then transforms to the glowing greens of the Aurora Borealis. Surrounding the earth in red are stars and constellations significant both symbolically and visually in Alaska’s night sky, including Ursa Major with Polaris, the North Star. Moving to the microscopic, the stars transition to snow crystals and then water and natural gas molecules. These images reveal some of the science the new thermal generation power plant facility where natural gas efficiently powers turbines and steam energy. From the sun, through Alaskan space and skies, to the stored energy of natural gas creating power, the mural expresses a story of energy within this unique context.



The Municipality of Anchorage, 1% for Art Program facilitates the 1% for Art Ordinance, which is part of Municipal Code 7.40. This code secures that 1% of the construction costs of Municipal structures or facilities be used to purchase and permanently place artwork on site. In 1975, Alaska became the 10th state to pass this law. In 1978, Anchorage adopted its own 1% for Art program and by 1981 was acquiring artworks. To date, the program has commissioned over 500 artworks valuing almost $15 million.