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         Municipality of Anchorage

Municipal Light & Power breaks ground on George M. Sullivan Plant expansion project
-New plant is part of utility’s investments to modernize aging infrastructure -

2014-03-14 14`21`04_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-03-28 08`30`02_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-03-31 13`30`04_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-04-05 13`30`04_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-04-12 08`30`07_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-04-16 17`00`04_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-05-02 15`00`14_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-05-06 10`30`04_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-05-09 08`30`07_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-05-13 15`00`01_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-05-14 15`00`01_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-05-15 10`30`06_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-06-02 13`30`03_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-06-06 10`30`01_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-06-12 10`30`02_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-06-26 08`30`01_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-06-28 10`30`02_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-07-01 10`30`05_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-07-11 10`30`03_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-07-15 17`00`03_MLP Plant-2A 001 2014-07-21 15`00`15_MLP Plant-2A 001

Construction update:

ML&P inspections of its infrastructure in the midtown residential area between Tudor Road and East 36th Avenue and Lake Otis Parkway to properties along Grape Place reveal upgrades are needed to distribution lines and utility poles. The work will require periodic outages staged over the summer in order to keep the sites safe for utility workers. All residents will be notified prior to work and outages in their immediate area either in person, or by door hanger. Read more

  • Week of July 28: Expect planned daytime outages affecting properties off N. and S. Salem Dr., Burlington St., and portions of E. 40th Ave and Salem Ct. over the course of the week.

CUSTOMER ALERT: Please be advised that utility scammers vary their methods. For more tips on how to recognize a utility scam and protect yourself from fraud click here.

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Next Scheduled Meeting
August 27, 2014 12:00 - 1:30pm
ML&P Main Conference room

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